Types of Pool Surfaces 


Plaster Pool Finish

A natural pool often incorporates a waterfall, rocks, or even a beach entry for an oasis like feel. Whether you want to bring in the native plants of your surroundings or to create a tropical feeling, a natural pool is the perfect way to do this. A natural pool can blend into your property giving it the feel of a hidden treasure and respite from the cares of daily life.

A natural pool is perfect for gatherings with family and friends or for just floating alone and enjoying the sound of falling water. California pools will help you decide which features will bring you just the ambience you want for your pool and landscape.

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Tile Pool Surface

Tile finishes for pools have been around for a long time (Romans, anyone?) and for good reason. Tile is durable and low maintenance. The infinite variety of colors and combinations means that you can create a look that is uniquely yours. Many pool owners like a mosaic style while others have chosen designs like dolphins, turtle, or fish to enhance their pools.

California Pools can help you create a pool using tile that is like no one else’s! Although pool tile costs are generally more than all other pool finishes, it rarely has to be replaced like other finishes, thus a tile pool finish can pay for itself over time.

The Beadcrete Finish

Beadcrete is a swimming pool finish that is a polymer mortar impregnated with tiny glass beads. A Beadcrete pool finish has many advantages. It can be applied to the tightest of curves and its adhesion properties make it very resistant to the effects of the constant exposure to the pool water and chemicals. It is also very easy on skin and will not irritate the bottom of your feet.

Finally, the glass beads give the finish an especially sparkling appearance that can be breathtaking. A Beadcrete pool finish is more expensive than traditional plaster pool finish but much more durable.

Pebble Pool Surfaces

Pebble finishes consist of small , smooth river pebbles embedded in the pool finish product. Pebble pool finishes have grown hugely in popularity over the past few years. They are extremely durable and resistant to the chemicals in the pool water. There is a wide array of colors and color combinations available that can be used to get just the look you want.

Many owners of natural or free form pools choose this finish. The texture can be a drawback as it can be less gentle on skin than other traditional pool finishes. Plus, cost can be a factor, but like tile pool finishes, the long term durability of pebble finishes can pay for itself in the long run.

Sea Glass Pebble with Abalone Shell

The Sea Glass Pebble finish is buffed so that it is smoother than the traditional pebble finishes. Thus, a Sea Glass finish is more gentle on skin than standard pebble finishes. The addition of abalone shell and a 30% mix of iridescent glass beads adds a luminescence that is unmatched by any other type of pool finish.

Sea Glass Pebble is available in a variety of colors and color combinations so that you can customize your pool to achieve the look and feel that you want. The extreme durability of this pool finish and its easy care, make it worth the investment. For a one of a kind pool, Sea Glass Pebble with Abalone Shell is the way to go.